Marazzi Package Design


The current Marazzi packaging is inconsistent across the brand. Some have a specific colored box for each collection, while others remain white and blue. The creative team had hoped to have the chance create new die lines for the packaging, as well as the design, but client decided to work with current die lines to reduce cost.


First round packaging & collection logo concept

This design was a group collaboration and is being shown here to provide insight of the progression of the package design shown below.  The group was myself, Gerardo Zamora-Diaz and Lauren Laheta. Lauren worked on the design layout with me, as well as providing the background texture and information way-finding. Gerardo contributed the logo design. 

NEW Collection logo concept

The original collection logo worked very well for the Developed by Nature tile, but when moving to apply the system to the other collections, it was not as successful. The overall goal of the new package design was to have a cohesive look for the packaging across all of the collections. The packaging should identify the brand, and then use wayfinding to guide the consumer from the displays to the merchandise below. By using a simple type treatment, the collection logos are elegant and modern, much like the Marazzi brand of tile. 

ADding a new brand color

THE OBSTACLE: The main brand color for Marazzi is blue. Because this packaging would mainly live on The Home Depot shelves, they wanted to stay away from blue packaging as much as possible, as to not confuse it with Lowe's. Current brand colors (shown above) while upscale, are not eye-catching. They tend to feel dingy and dark when used without the blue as a prominent color. 

GOALS: The packaging should stand out in the aisle in a way that is because of high design and not loud colors. The layout should be clean and upscale. Also, the differentiation between collections should be very clear to consumers. 

TO CONSIDER: Competitor tile has black packaging in the aisle, and Marazzi's sister company, Daltile, currently uses red. The Home Depot is also flooded with orange, so these three colors are less likely to stand out in the aisle. 


Final Color Choices

OPTION 1: This warm black provides a deep, rich color. If you use a tone of this color, it creates a classy gray color that will be neutral, true to brand, and not overwhelming on shelves. The gray will allow the color of the tile to be the main character. 

OPTION 2: By adding a lighter blue to the Marazzi brand colors, we would stay close enough to their brand while far enough away from Lowe's branding. The light blue would stand out on the shelves with the more neutral pallets. 






Overall, the icons provide a higher end look that communicated information about the tile quickly and easily. 



Bay layout in the home depot