Typographic Poster: Lyrics, Music, & Band

Lyric Poster

first round poster

The first poster of this collection was to start as a creative process of letting go when it comes to how we see and use type. The idea was to use type in a way that was more artistic and less about legibility. 

Music Poster

SEcond round poster

This poster was created to express the feeling of the lyrics and how they sounded with the music. The above is the final, digital edition of the poster. Below images show some of the process, which started with cutting out and pasting lyrics strategically. Below you can see the grid that is drawn, the cut out letters and tape holding everything together.

Band Poster

The band poster

This poster serves as an overview of the earlier projects, it features the song that was chosen for the lyrical interpretation of the poster, the album it was on, the band members and information about the band's history. This was not the final image for the poster. After it was at this stage, we were instructed to "destroy it" in a sense, or take it to another level that makes it more interesting with design that goes past the type on the paper. Below is the image of the final "distressed" poster. The final size of this poster was 32"x48".


Overall, the project was created with the idea of pushing the boundaries of the conventional uses of type. This final poster was more of an exercise in getting out of my comfort zone of strict grids and clean type. I learned a lot from this project when it came to creativity and going further than initial thoughts and concepts in design.