Krasl Placemaking Capital Campaign


naming the campaign

Krasl came to Aisle Rocket Studios to help them name and create a theme for their placemaking campaign to recreate the Art Center's grounds. They wished to procure money to create a community space outside of the Krasl Art Center. This space would help the Krasl become more inviting, while also giving the community a place to enjoy downtown St. Joe/Benton Harbor and to enjoy art. 

The names are as follows:

*The Artfull Project – Filling people's lives with art.
*Exsite – Creating a new place for people to excited about art and their community.
Fill in the Space – Literally filling in the empty spaces that are currently in front of the KAC.
St. Joe Lives – Showing how the community has grown over the years and to express the need for this new space.
Common Grounds Project – Bringing two neighboring communities (Benton Harbor & St. Joseph) together in one place.

*Logo created by other team members.


round 2 of logos

The Artfull Project /St. Joe Lives – Replaced the type from the Artfull project. The team liked the idea of the logo to have elements that reflected on the sculpture that was being commissioned for the space, a piece by Richard Hunt. The team also still liked the idea behind St. Joe Lives, as well as the hand drawn type done by myself. 

Common Grounds – Was changed to Sculpting the Community. The team felt that it better integrated the art aspect of the project as well as the bringing of people together. The tree icon was changed colors to represent different parts of the area, Red being Krasl/Art, Blue being Lake Michigan/the area, and Green being the park. 



Sculpting community

After client reviews, we combined the logos. The client prefered the ideas behind Sculpting the Community, but liked the visual elements behind the St. Joe Lives. They ultimately decided against St. Joe Lives because they didn't want the entire focus to be on St. Joseph, but to also include Benton Harbor, and they felt by calling it a community project, that idea would come across better.  They also removed "the" from the title and making it "Sculpting Community." The colors switched from the bright, primary colors, to these blues and greens. They are meant to represent the lake, grasses and trees. The red line ties in the Krasl Art Center's colors without overpowering the icon, showing that Krasl is behind the project but it is more about the space and the community than it is about their gains.

brochure cover

Hand painted by myself, the cover features a calm watercolor that matches the colors of the themed campaign. The logo adorns the front of the brochure and the arches that surround it are repeated on the edges to frame in the logo. 

Brochure table of contents

As a twist on the usual table of contents, and because of a low page count, I designed the pages to function as a tabs to help navigate the reader quickly. Each page is a different length so that you can easily find the information that most interests you, or to quickly reference a page if need be. The pages are all color-coded as well to match their tab color. 

brochure Interior pages

The brochure functions as informative piece while being inspirational. It shows current images of the Krasl Art Center as well as what they dream the grounds and building can someday be. It helps to give the reader options on how to help the Art Center by means of donation to either the sculpture, the park, or both. 

Other campaign materials

Pledge Card

Rack Card