SWASH Advertising

Stop Motion video

Father's Day Stop Motion video

As a collaborative effort, the creative team (including myself) made this video. 

The concept is that Dad can handle anything, but he can use the SWASH as a secret power to handle wrinkles and odors. The video was created using stop-motion photography (shot by myself and Sarah Edmands Martin) picking out music and sound effects, and mixing it all together with Adobe After Effects (Dana Kuntzler and Jay Simmons). 

Printed materials 

Care kit Coupon

This coupon would be sent to Whirlpool laundry customers after purchasing a new appliance. Whirlpool sends out a Care Kit after a consumer purchases an appliance (in this case, washer or dryer) and it comes with samples of products and coupons. This coupon would be included into that kit to inform consumers of SWASH and drive them to purchase with an incentive. 

Web advertising



The Facebook and Twitter ads for July were created to inform new customers of SWASH. They were focused on individuals that are fashionable and looking for stylish options for appliances in their homes.