Wind In Your Sales

Annual Planning Theme Concept


This poster was to showcase the concept of the 2016 theme for the annual planning meeting. The concept "Wind In Your Sales" ties in the idea of driving sales, mixing in the local lake lifestyle. A watercolor of waves embraces the idea of the lake and the fluidity of the teamwork between Aisle Rocket Studios and our CoMarketing client. A custom font want drawn for the meeting logo. 

Meeting moodboard

The theme of the meeting would be carried out not only through the presentation, but also the decor and food. Above is a general feel of what the decor could look like if the concept was chosen as the theme. 

Presentation Icons

Each icon represents how Aisle Rocket Studios helps the CoMarketing team continue to succeed by aiding their sales. These icons would be used throughout the presentation of the meeting to provide visual aids to the topic at hand. Below is a quick idea of what each icon could have stood for. 

ANCHOR:  Anchoring in deep sales water
COMPASS: Helping you chart a steady course
LIFESAVER: Keeping accounts above water
LIGHTHOUSE: Casting light on new strategies