Daltile / Marazzi Set Photography

Amana kitchen and laundry

the final images

I worked closely with a studio photographer to take my ideas and make them photographs. I was responsible for directing angles, lighting, and some of the props within the photographs. This set was initially an Amana appliance set, so I was tasked with working inside of this space, yet having the focus not be on the appliances but the tile within the set. 

The initial sketches

These are some of the initial sketches I made from the set as a go by for the photographer. 

Whirlpool laundry room

the final images

The white dot tile photography focused more on the texture of the tile. It was important to still give the tile scale so the consumer knew how big the dots and tile were. Adding in props that accented the texture, without overshadowing the tile was the main challenge.


The Sketches

Visiting the set and getting a feel for the tile as well as seeing the texture in person helped immensely with planning the shots for this set.